Future of social media marketing in India 2020

The scope of social media in India is growing exponentially. It is the tenth-largest economy and the second-largest population in the world. A survey in 2019, which included the top businesses, acknowledged that 15-20% of their marketing budget was allocated to social media advertising. From this, the brand understands the importance of social media in advertising.

India is growing in the number of mobile users. Regardless, only 16% of the nation’s total population has access to online. In addition, it is estimated that after China and hence the United States, India’s web clients will significantly find themselves the world’s largest web site.

As buyers become more connected to the things around them, from buyers to news and conversations, buyers are changing rapidly and are now being presented with instant data.

Even brands have adapted their marketing, promotion, collaboration, and engagement methods to meet the needs, desires, and aspirations of their clients in order to interact with new ‘digital’ buyers. Is.

Before taking a look at the scope of social media marketing in India, let’s take a look at the social media industry.

Simple, social media marketing is the process of gaining attention or traffic through social media sites. Basically, marketing predictions are based on customer usage, regardless of age. This suggests that when we were on the radio, let’s look at history because the medium of radio, advertising and marketing was very popular.

Later, when television came into being, companies started with TV commercials. Even today, TV advertising is booming.

Now with the sophisticated marketing web age, called internet marketing or digital marketing, every company is striving to succeed in honest online presence and digital marketing provides a good scope for social media marketing as we In the age of many societies there are networking sites with many members all over the world. Social media marketing in India offers a bright future.

future of social media marketing in India

Why the need for social media for business or company?

Target the audience

Traditional marketing was not ready to target the selected audience with demographics and details. The purpose of marketing any product was first to mass marketing. But with the emerging trends in digital marketing today, there are many specific ways to focus on the audience. By using the SMM companies can target their audiences just in one click.

Smartphone era

Every day, the number of mobile users is increasing and according to the 2019 report, the number of mobile users is going to be 5.07 billion. This year, it has 4.77 billion users worldwide. Check the difference within two years! And now most mobile phones are smartphones that ask consumers to connect to business anywhere and anytime.

high ROI (return on investment)

Social media marketing can be a platform that delivers high ROI with very little investment. That’s why so many small and medium-sized organizations believe in marketing methods on social media.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month and is one of the easiest media to connect with friends and family through videos, posts, chats, and more.

Marketing through Facebook builds trust and encourages site check-ins rather than direct sales to consumers.

The sales model through Facebook includes videos to increase pages and ads, posts on a page, page promotion, location, interest, and demographic targeting and paid models.


The number of active users on the WhatsApp has exceeded 1300 million for months as it allows free instant messaging (personal and group)

It is suitable for e-commerce, banks, individual service providers, travel, and tourism companies.


LinkedIn can be a business networking site with approximately 500 million users per month and includes professionals and companies to connect with each other through job postings and professional information.

This platform is suitable for corporate clients, B2B and small to medium-sized companies.


Twitter could be a micro-blogging site with tweets below 140 words and videos to link to the planet.

It allows freedom of expression on current affairs and has approximately 328 million active users per month.

This platform is sweet for skilled B2C and B2B professionals.


Instagram has about 700 million active users every month and is used for photo sharing and linking to Twitter, FB, and Flickr.

This is accurate for photographing local businesses, B2Cs, travel companies, visual content lifestyle brands, and company images.

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