Social media impact on youth-positive & negative

Social media has a huge impact on people. Especially for adolescents (teenagers) and young people. according to the SBS news report On social media, adolescents and young people spend 12 000 hours a year. Unfortunately, this can have both positive and negative effects. It depends on what they want to achieve with the use of social media.

On social networks, we can find followers. This is great for people who have some trouble with communication in real life. In addition, they can find lots of useful information, parties on different topics.

Social media helps to acquire and develop different skills. For example, before that, if you dream of playing the guitar, you have to go to music school. But now you can make it at home. On the Internet, you can easily find many videos with guitar lessons. Social media has a huge number of different training videos and I think it’s a great benefit for young people. Another point I would like to mark is that social media offers young people a great opportunity to express themselves.

Also, social media has a big impact on the purchase decisions and the commitment of the brands. Adult people can react to a particular product they see more quietly and unintentionally on social media. But young people are always looking for something immediate that promotes their favorite blogger or celebrity. It is very profitable for brands.

first, let’s talk about the positive impact of social media

social media impact on youth- positive impact

Social media impact- Positive

The impact of social media on modern society is controversial. This has increased the ability of individuals to connect with others, learn new information and participate in professional development opportunities. In many ways, the biggest impact is on the youth of this country, as they are the ones who are most immersed in new social media platforms and related technological advancements.

There are opportunities beyond the academic field to improve the professional, educational, and social skills needed for future success. If it weren’t for the thread on Twitter I would never have learned about Coursera, or could not have known about the various marketing certification courses offered by HubSpot. If it weren’t for LinkedIn, I couldn’t find some of their video courses to help them expand my field of study. Overall, social media enhances the education of the nation’s youth by providing them with additional information and resources to pursue their chosen career path.

Social and bilateral relations are strong. In my parents’ time, there was no way to be more connected without making phone calls or sending letters. Even when I came home from a sleepy camp with my flip phone, I still had a notebook full of addresses and phone numbers. Nowadays, it is easier to be able to connect with others. It helps to solidify relationships with life events, such as walking, school, or anything else that might change one’s path.

Social awareness

Most teens are curious to know more, discover new ideas, discover new information and express themselves. Social media gives young people a positive voice.

Educational benefits

Social media platforms are widely used in group assignments and provide a common space for ideas, sharing projects, providing real-time feedback and delegation tasks.

Improve creativity

Social media is promoting a number of online services that enable users to connect with people, create content and share them. It encourages young people to use their creativity and think outside the box.

Confidence and independence

Joining social networking sites can help you learn new things and gain confidence and independence in a changing world.

social media impact on youth- negative impact

Social media impact – negative

Superiority and inferiority complex

With the use of everyday social tools, children are prone to lead and occasionally inferiority. Sometimes children think that they have more information and understanding than anyone. They do not think of anyone as bright and capable of themselves. So, they create a sense of superiority.

On the other hand, very few children think that they cannot get what they want from others and they are inferior to others because they are not enjoying the freedom and facilities as others do on social media. ۔ They get embarrassed by spending extra money at parties and buying new significantly more expensive mobile phones and showing up on Instagram or Facebook. Kids compare their lifestyles with their friends. As a result, they may suffer from an inferiority complex and may also have stress.

Lack of interest in family meetings

social media impact on youth
love to be with parents

The trend of welcoming guests has come to an end almost everywhere. It has often been observed that parents welcome or sit with a guest to get their children out of their room. They refuse to come out and make excuses to avoid meeting. This is where children have to spend time attending family gatherings.

Increasing the need for facilities (amenities)

When young people see different people that they have facilities and facilities, they want to have them too. They do their best to mold and copy what they see in cinemas and theaters. Therefore, they ask their parents for luxurious things and make them anxious and out of budget.

Misbehaving with parents

Children who use social media are turning to their parents and elders because they do not appreciate them. They see different roles in films, they disrespect elders. Therefore, the effect comes in their mind that disobeying and disrespecting someone is not a problem and is in trend. It has now become a way of treating others abusively, and especially guardians.

Lack of interest in the studies

As we see that students are fond of using different social gadgets (Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, twitter) they think they are the real source of happiness and satisfaction. They are always on the lookout for what’s new in the market. The question is how will this country develop whose young people are not interested in education. So, we can say that these gadgets are spoiling our youthful spirit.

Increase in demand for money

When students see their friends living happily ever after, they try to stay the same in their lives. They ask their parents for money and make them anxious. They force their parents to arrange money. Sometimes, they steal home appliances if their demand for money is not met. They forget the difference between right and wrong and prefer to meet their needs.

Copying superheroes in real life

Psychologically it is tested that young people are more influenced by their surroundings. They copy and copy others. They are easily attracted to the heroes in the movies and then try to copy them as much as possible. It changes their physical appearance and manner of living and speaking. They never try to think that these heroes have different support and surroundings. The only thing they want is to copy from different famous actors. The same is true of girls. They try to copy the film actresses. Young people start living in the fantasy world by seeing their own celebrities.

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