best 5 photo editing apps of the year

Editing apps: we use our mobile phone camera as a primary camera and click a lot of pictures and sometimes we need to edit them instantly today we are going to discuss the top 5 free photo editing apps for Android so let’s start.

after taking a photo we always think which app we should use to enhance it and for that, there are lots of free photo editing apps available apart from the popular apps like Instagram, snapseed and the native photo editing app available on your phone we are going to showcase a few other apps which we think has something unique to offer so.

1) polar

polar offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photos. it’s an editor that we can categorize into a professional photo editor. the polar offers adjustment which includes color light detail vignette and others there are default filters available but you can also create and customize your filters and then share it with your friends you can also import the filter by simply scanning the QR code from your prints phone a unique feature. What I like about polar is that you can see the tutorial of any preset filters and Corrections.

for example, you have a picture which is hazy anyone to correct it there is a tutorial available and by following on-screen instructions you can edit the picture to see the results you can also see the video tutorial and step-by-step instruction for any preset filter and see the changes you need to make to get the same results polar has an option to edit the face by simply clicking on face icon on top and now you can either auto-enhance or make changes according to your requirement.

2) photofy

photofy is an easy content creation tool for consumers and businesses there are different templates filter light effects text with free fonts available in this app. this app has several overlay content by which you can create amazing photos collages and also the marketing content you have the usual editing option like cropping orientation and few filters to change the lighting and the color scheme but with this app, you can also customize the photos by using stickers design fonts and frames,

for example, you want to put your Facebook page link on a picture we just need to go to the add customize text option and type in your Facebook username so overall a very handy editing app in which you have the options of editing and also the app helps you to create the content in a very creative way

3) picsart

picsart photo editor is a really powerful photo editor that has lots of creative filters and it’s an excellent image editing tool. when you open the app you have the option of edit make a collage draw and create your customized stickers. The app also includes a sticker and artistic text mix picsart includes tools to create cutouts add text and adjust curves.

this app has also a full library of artistic photo filters frames backgrounds and a lot more. all tools in the app have a brush mode for fine-tuning and applying it only on the parts of the photos where you need them. you can also share your images to major social networks like Facebook Instagram within the app itself. Picsart has its community where you can follow people like and comment on their photos overall one of the British photo editing apps which gives the user all the control to achieve a new level of creativity.

top editing apps

4) fotor

fotor is one stuff for photo editing sharing and a sales platform when you launch the app you have a very clean UI and you get the options like editor collage and camera. fotor has an enhanced camera which allows you to click the pictures directly from the app itself and you can also use different modes like grid big button Birds stabilizer and square once you click the picture it can be opened in the editing mode of the app here you can use Auto enhanced mode or adjust the photo brightness contrast saturation manually you also have the scenes and effects which you can choose from available preset which makes it easier to customize the photo to different lighting situations.

apart from the usual photo editing tool and enhancement fotor has an event category this feature is unique in fotor which lets you upload the photo and then available for the public to comment and like you can also participate in the official competitions and activities to win prizes inspire option in the app shows you the list of photos which has won the competition conducted by fotor

5) vsco

vsco app: in this app, you create discover and connect with people the filters and controls they offer is better than the other apps available after clicking the photo you have the option to click on the settings bar at the bottom and choose the filters we have few free filters available but the unique feature about this app is the ability to buy the filters from their store these are a few filters which we have purchased as a part of bundle they have lots of filters and categorized in a different collection.

for example, minimalist collection vibrant classic and others overall a very good app if you want to just enhance your photo by using preset filters

so that’s it guys these were few photo editing apps for your Android phone do let us know if you use any of them all your favorite photo editing app in the comment section below

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