WhatsApp Restrictions on Message Forwarding Limit to fight against Misinformation

WhatsApp Restrictions on Message Forwarding: With COVID-19 not allowing billions of people to see their friends and family in person, people are relying more on WhatsApp for communication. People are talking to doctors, teachers and isolated loved ones through the WhatsApp during this crisis. That’s why all your messages and calls to the WhatsApp end up being the default secret to give you a safe place for your personal conversations.

Last year the WhatsApp introduced users to the concept of messages that were forwarded multiple times. These messages are marked with double arrows indicating that they are not nearby. In fact, these messages are less personal than the usual messages sent to the WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp is introducing a limit so that these messages can be forwarded to only one chat at a time.

WhatsApp Restrictions on Message Forwarding
WhatsApp Restrictions on Message Forwarding

As a private messaging service, the WhatsApp has taken a number of initiatives over the past year to help streamline communication. For example, WhatsApp first set limits on messages forwarded to prevent virality. At that time, WhatsApp saw a 25% decrease in messages going forward globally.

In addition to this change, the WhatsApp is working directly with NGOs and governments, including the World Health Organization and more than 20 national health ministries, to help connect people with accurate information. These trusted officials have jointly requested hundreds of millions of messages directly to the public for information and advice. You can find out more about these efforts, as well as how to present possible myths, rumors, and rumors to organizations investigating the facts on our Corona Virus Information Hub.

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